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Current activities

As well as continuing to foster an environment that supports the design, implementation and evaluation of innovative, evidence-based, public health policies and programmes, in 2013-18, the SCPHRP aims to:

  1. Identify drivers, patterns and consequencesof health outcomes, via novel analyses of Scottish surveys and cohorts, to inform our Working Groups’ development of new programmes and policies;
  2. Identify and validate broader health and non-health outcomes; and
  3. Measure health impacts and outcomes of policy interventions using secure cross-sectorial data linkage.  Such linkable records enable efficient, robust and comprehensive evaluations of public health interventions, which often have impacts on human development, education, employment, social services use, and criminal justice outcomes. Our niche is strengthened by the increasing availability of such record-linkage opportunities in Scotland, especially beyond the health care system.

To achieve these aims the SCPHRP has created four Working Groups. Each Working Group is focused on a Scottish public health priority within the four life stages.

These four programmesof work will be supported methodologically by a fifth programme to develop improved methods of monitoring interventions’ impacts on Scotland’s steep health inequalities by social class.

Public lecture and seminar series

The Collaboration is committed to building capacity for innovation and research of the highest quality.  We bring new and challenging ideas for intervention to the attention of the Scottish public health community through the SCPHRP public lecture series. Our occasional SCPHRP seminar series provides an opportunity for more detailed consideration of a particular topic, theme or policy priority area.