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WG logo3The Working Age/Adult Life Working Group focuses on the health of the adult population, spanning the ages of (approximately) 18 to 65 years. The Working Group was formed in November 2013 and has a range of expertise across research, policy, healthcare and the non-profit/voluntary sector. The predominant focus of the group is on better understanding, and helping to reduce, health inequalities through national and international, as well as local and community, level influences. We aim to contribute to this field through novel collaborative research projects and engagement/training events.


  • 42 current members – 20 from academia; 8 from NHS; 6 from local/national government; 8 from non-profit/voluntary (see profiles of our members below)
  • Creating Better Health & Wellbeing Event (more info)
  • Welfare Reform & Health workshops – group members have given talks/workshops on ‘generating evidence’ at these multi-sector events (example)
  • Social Prescribing Advisory Group (more info)
  • ‘Bringing the third sector and academic research together’ Evaluation Support Scotland / Third Sector Research Forum event – SCPHRP Working Group model used as a case-study (more info)
  • Employment & excess mortality in Glasgow and Scotland –  NHS Health Scotland-funded short research project with 4 members of the group on the research team (details soon)
  • Open Space on Health Inequalities Event (more info)
  • Monthly summary of Social Determinants of Health Twitter news (more info)
  • People’s Health Movement (Scotland) (more info)
  • Health Inequalities Seminar Series (details soon)

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Working Group Members

Click on the picture to contactJob Title & OrganisationWork/Research InterestsKeywords
Graham Baker
Graham Baker
Chancellor's Fellow
University of Edinburgh
My main research interest is in the development and evaluation of interventions to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour. I have research interests around the promotion of active travel (walking and cycling) and also how we can adapt interventions to different population groups (such as ethnic minorities or individuals with visual impairment) thus potentially impacting on health inequalities. Health Inequalities;
Physical Activity;
Public Health;
Behaviour Change
Kate Burton
Public Health Practitioner
NHS Lothian
I work with the Scottish Government and Scottish Public Health Network to support NHS boards to mitigate the impact of the UK Government's Welfare Reform programme on health and NHS services.Health Inequalities;
Welfare Reform;
Welfare Benefits;
Jennifer Darnborough
Consultant in Public Health Medicine (CPHM)
NHS Lanarkshire
I am a part time CPHM with a remit for screening and cancer. My current service research interests are around inequalities in access to screening programmes wrt deprivation and learning disability. Also involved in the use of teachable moments in cancer pts at diagnosis and beyond in acute and primary care settings. Cervical Screening;
Learning Disability;
Teachable Moments;
Elaine Douglas
University College London
I am interested in health inequalities, particularly social determinants of health. I also have interests in public health interventions and population health. Health Interventions;
Public Health;
Social Policy;
Health Policy
Flora Douglas
University of Aberdeen
I am a social scientist with a health promotion and nursing background who is interested in inequalities in food access, household food security, food policy and public health. I am a Principal Investigator within the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health (University of Aberdeen). I am interested in the use of community-based participatory research methodologies to inform public health and social policy in respect of food and health. In particular, I am interested in conducting research that enables community members to communicate their lived experiences and perspectives in relation to questions about what it means to be food secure, and, food insecure at the household level. Inequalities in Food Access;
Household Food Insecurity/Poverty;
Food Policy;
Public Health;
Qualitative Participatory-Based Approaches
Michelle Estradé
Michelle Small
Research Associate
SCPHRP, University of Edinburgh
My research interests include food and nutrition, culture, and health inequalities. I'm currently carrying out a project to explore the links between food-related activities (e.g. cooking, gardening, communal meals) and mental health and wellbeing.Diet;
Health Inequalities;
Mental Health
Elspeth GraceyElspethGraceyDevelopment Manager
Scottish Community Development Centre / Community Health Exchange (SCDC/CHEX)
My main interest is in community-led health and it's impact on health inequalities in Scotland. My role within SCDC/CHEX is predominately to connect with community-led health organisations and to promote the work that they do. Evidencing the impact that these organisations have is of particular interest to me. My background is as an NHS Scientist and I formerly lived in Tanzania E. Africa and also have an interest in world development issues.Health Inequalities;
Community Development;
Community-Led Health;
Social Prescribing;
Social Capital;
Organisational Cultural Change
Linsay Graylinsay-graySenior Investigator Scientist
MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
My work is concerned with the rigorous development and application of methodology for advancing understanding of the multi-dimensional determinants of health and improving population health and inequalities. Specific interests include analysis and enhancement of a range of types of data through record linkage and other forms of augmentation.Statistical Methodology;
Population Health;
Health Inequalities;
Record Linkage;
Data Enhancement
Vittal Katikireddi
Senior Clinical Research Fellow
MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
My research focuses on studying the health impacts of employment and welfare policy through administrative data linkage. Employment;
Welfare Policy;
Health Inequalities;
Policy Analysis
Wendy Macdonald
Public Health Adviser
NHS Health Scotland
My current position aims to inform decision-making by providing effectiveness evidence, advice and expertise through:
• gathering together evidence and evidence-informed recommendations relating to the effectiveness of action in key public health areas
• synthesising and communicating these pieces of information in ways that help policy-makers, organisations and practitioners to develop and deliver effective action
• promoting and contributing to the further development of approaches to evidence-informed decision-making.
My portfolio area covers health inequalities, specifically the fundamental causes of health inequalities. Current research interests include: monitoring the impact of welfare reform; effective interventions at the level of fundamental causes of health inequalities; links between poverty, income inequality and health.
Health Inequalities;
Fundamental Causes;
Poverty and Income Inequality;
Welfare Reform;
Effectiveness Evidence
Maureen McAllister
Joint Working Employment Manager
Arthritis Care Scotland
Manage project which provides employability support to help individuals with arthritis to remain in or return to work. Partnership with Grampian and GG&C NHS Occupational therapy teams.
Improve policy and practices to ensure people living and working with long term conditions are appropriate and meets their needs - welfare benefits, NHS support, employability and training services.
Long-Term Conditons;
Self Management
Jacqueline McDowell
National Development Officer (Impact)
NHS Health Scotland (CFHS team)
Interest in building the evidence base on the contribution of community food work in tackling and reducing health inequalities and towards national policies. Community food work means initiatives using food or the medium of food to achieve better outcomes, whether food related or wider, for those in low income communities. Food;
Outcomes and Impact;
Health Inequalities; Community Development
Hazel Muir
Employability Officer
Arthritis Care Scotland
The Joint Working Project supports individuals living with Rheumatoid Arthritis or a related inflammatory condition to remain in work or return to work. By providing employability advice and support to help manage their condition within work and for those returning to the workplace. We also provide free training and information sessions to employers and support organisations on living and working successfully with arthritis.Employment;
Fiona Myers
Public Health Adviser
NHS Health Scotland
Evaluation in the fields of health improvement and health inequalities. This includes on-going work in the areas of impacts of welfare reform, financial inclusion and power as a fundamental cause of health inequalities. Also supported recent evaluations in relation to the Child Healthy Weight Programme and a health improvement 'app'. Evaluation;
Health Inequalities;
Claire Niedzwiedz
Claire Niedzwiedz
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Edinburgh
I am interested in the social and political determinants of health and health inequalities, with a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing.Health Inequalities;
Mental Health;
Social Policy;
Quantitative Analysis
Claire Norman
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
I am a junior doctor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. As a medical student I did an intercalated MSc in Public Health and Health Services Research and did my dissertation on 'young parents' views and experiences of interactions with healthcare professionals.' My time at university and now my job as a junior doctor has made me really interested in Public Health and the work that needs to be done to reduce health inequalities and the harm done by preventable diseases. I am particularly interested in primary care, sexual health and obesity research. Doctor;
Primary Care;
Sexual Health;
Physical Activity
Elise Palmer
Research Assistant
Capability Scotland
I currently work as a research assistant in the policy and campaigns team at Capability Scotland. The research I am working on at the moment focuses on therapy provision for adults with cerebral palsy in Scotland. A key aim of this research is to map the therapy provision landscape across Scotland and across sectors.Therapy Provision;
Health Inequalities; Cerebral Palsy
Kathryn Skivington
Research Fellow
MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow
I'm interested in how the social determinants of health are tackled, particularly within primary care and in collaboration with local community resources. Also interested in welfare reform, welfare-to-work measures, and benefit receipt.Health Inequalities;
Welfare Benefits;
Primary Care;
Community-Based Approach;
Katherine Smith
University of Edinburgh
Policy responses to health inequalities and other public health concerns, knowledge exchange / brokerage in public health, theories of policy change, the policy process, policy change and policy advocacy and lobbying (especially by corporate interests such as the tobacco industry).Knowledge Exchange;
Public Policy;
Health Inequalities;
Corporate Policy Influence;
Evidence-Based Policy
Susan Solomon
Freelance Researcher
Lime Research
Public health / social research professional with over 20 years’ solid expertise in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and analysis. I have a specific interest in public health research, social marketing campaigns and evaluations to help reduce health inequalites. Proficient in managing large scale full service research projects across a wide range of social research and communication areas. In particular public health market and social research and evaluation ranging from pre-testing social marketing campaign materials to evaluating specific health board initiatives and projects in terms of behaviour change. Alcohol;
Healthy Eating;
Physical Activity
Julie Truman
Programme Manager in Public Health
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
I am responsible for a range of population health surveys in NHSGGC. I am really keen to join networks that allow more of our data to be shared and analysed to shed light on health inequalities and factors associated with resilience.Health Inequalities;
Population Health


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