The Divide

‘THE DIVIDE’ at 7pm on Monday 21st November 2016 the-divide-advert
A FREE PUBLIC showing of the recently released film produced by DARTMOUTH FILMS in association with The EqualityTrust, a UK charity dedicated to promoting public understanding the consequences of inequality in society, and the remedies for it. The two-hour film will be accompanied by a brief talk and followed with a Q & A session, by Prof Kate Pickett, University of York, one of the authors of The Spirit Level, the best-selling 2010 book on which the film is based.
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Event Summary
Type of Event Seminar
Start Date/Time Monday 21st November, 19:00
End Date/Time Monday 21st November, 21:30
Organisers SCPHRP & The Equality Trust
Location The University of Edinburgh 50 George Square Lecture Theatre g.03