The 'Conflict, it's all about the brain…or is it?' conference

SCPHRP’s Jane Hartley was fortunate enough to attend the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution’s national conference ‘Conflict, it’s all about the brain…or is it?’
It was a fantastic day held at the Glasgow Science Centre with really interesting speakers. The day was showcasing new work around ‘the emotional homunculus’, the drug cabinet in your mind! Check it out here:
One session was held in the planetarium with a gigantic brain floating around overhead as Dr Sara Watkin’s voice narrated an explanation of how the brain works.
Another highlight was Dr David Caeser – A&E consultant and National Clinical Advisor to the Chief Medical Officer – discussing how the quality of relationships is a key predictor for good health and that his vision is for a health service that focusses on improving the quality of our relationships rather than administering medicine.