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Developing a programme theory and intervention delivery plan to reduce high readmission rates for patients following intensive care admission ()

Summary: A large number of patients survive a critical illness following intensive care admission every year in Scotland. About 25% of these patients are often readmitted within 90 days of discharge from hospital. At present, no evidence-based person-centred pathways exist for these patients that might potentially prevent readmission. The SCARF project (Supporting Community Recovery and […]

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Realist evaluation of the Universal Health Visiting Pathway ()

Summary: In 2013, the Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland’s Future Focus CEL 13 letter directed all Health Boards to refocus the existing role of the health visitor as part of an enhanced Universal Health Visiting Pathway (UHVP). This is towards the delivery of preventative and targeted interventions, delivered by a health visitor workforce better equipped […]

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Promoting Transportation Safety in Adolescence ()

Summary The application will address the leading cause of death for adolescents, motor vehicle crashes. Evidence is emerging that comprehensive parenting programs and on-road driver assessment and feedback can optimize the learner’s permit period and possibly reduce crashes. The current best-practice policy approach to teen driver MVC prevention are state-level Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) programs; […]

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