Reducing sickness absence in Scotland ’€“ applying the lessons from a pilot NHS intervention

This project is a SCPHRP seed-funded research project. Seed-funding research was part of the SCPHRP remit during the period of 2008 ’€“ 2012. 


University of Glasgow

Principle investigator:

Professor Ewan Macdonald OBE

The project aims to establish a model for an early intervention for sickness absence which can be adapted for a variety of employment sectors. To inform this it will analyse the effectiveness, including cost effectiveness, of the EASY intervention of NHS Lanarkshire which has been associated with consistent reduction in sickness absence. Over a three year period NHS Lanarkshire’€™s sickness absence rate has moved from being the highest to the lowest of mainland health boards in Scotland. An extensive dataset is available to allow causes, rates and impact of specific interventions to be analysed. From this work a draft model for a wider intervention will be developed together with industry, trade unions, government and professions.
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Date of Publication 01/01/1970