Preventing or delaying disablement amongst older adults: mapping the Scottish landscape to identify promising programmes

This project is a SCPHRP seed-funded research project. Seed-funding research was part of the SCPHRP remit during the period of 2008 ’€“ 2012. 


University of Stirling

Principle investigator:

Professor Sally Wyke

Recognition of the need to act to promote healthy ageing and to reduce potential demand on health and social care services has led to many research, policy and programme developments. However, most programmes focus ’€˜downstream’€™ on reducing use of emergency hospital care rather than ’€˜upstream’€™ on helping frail older people delay disablement whilst maximising independence and enjoyment of life.    This proposal aims to augment SCPHRP’€™s on-going scoping work of individual level interventions to reduce disability and maximise independence by mapping the current landscape of policies, programmes and other initiatives in Scotland.  The study will use documentary analysis and semi-structured interviews at national and local levels and a knowledge exchange event to describe and compare programmes.  Analysis will identify promising interventions and programmes at individual and system level; how they are embedded and normalised in practice; describe stakeholder views of gaps in current policies and programmes; and provide a description of the policy context into which any future intervention will fit.
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