Faculty of Public Health Annual Conference 2017

SCPHRP attended the Faculty of Public Health Annual Conference 2017: Public Health in Scotland, Transcending Boundaries in early November.

Stephen Malden, Greig Inglis, Yvonne Laird & Larry Doi presented at this year’s conference.


An evaluation of a physical activity and peer support intervention for people experiencing homelessness: Street Fit Scotland – Stephen Malden

Experiences of poverty-based stigma and discrimination in Scotland – Greig Inglis

Tobacco control policy in Scotland: A qualitative study of expert views on successes, challenges and future actions – Yvonne Laird

How has child growth around adiposity rebound altered in Scotland since 1990 and what are the risk factors for weight gain using the Growing Up in Scotland birth cohort 1? – Larry Doi
Event Summary
Type of Event Conference
Start Date/Time Thursday 2nd November, 00:00
End Date/Time Friday 3rd November, 00:00
Location Faculty of Public Health Annual Conference