Kieran Turner

Kieran has a great interest in how transport policies influence physical activity behaviour and public health. As of March 2017, he has been employed as a research assistant by the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre (PAHRC) at The University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with SCPHRP, on an NIHR-funded project evaluating the public health impact of 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh and Belfast. This comes after conducting pilot work on this topic with SCPHRP from 2015-2017.
Kieran completed an MSc in Physical Activity for Health at PAHRC (2014-2015), and before this completed a BSc in Sports Science at Anglia Ruskin University. After obtaining his BSc, and before starting his MSc, Kieran worked as a research assistant at Anglia Ruskin University, assisting with projects investigating the biomechanics of daily living activities in elderly and clinical populations.