John McAteer

John McAteerPosition: Deputy Director
Dr John McAteer is the Deputy Director. John is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Prior to this, John was the Research Fellow for the Adolescence and Young Adulthood Working Group. John’s current work very much focuses on the range of public health issues affecting teenagers and young people today, in addition to intervention development and evaluation. He is currently leading on a number of projects in this area including:

  • Biological development in adolescence and its impact upon health behaviour development (funded by NHS Health Scotland, and working with Drs Jan Pringle, Kathryn Mills, & Ruth Jepson)
  • Development of an intervention to support parents with teenage children in Scotland (funded by the Robertson Trust, and working with Drs Jane Hartley, Ruth Jepson and Larry Doi)

Prior to joining SCPHRP, John’s work focused upon three broad areas: preventive behaviours in the general population, professional practice and implementation, and self-care in patients with chronic illness.  He has a PhD in psychology from University College London, where he developed a theory-based intervention to increase staff hand-hygiene behaviour in NHS hospitals in England and Wales.  He also has an MSc in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an honours degree in Psychology from the University of Stirling.
John is currently involved in the Masters of Public Health within CPHS. He is co-lead, with Drs Ruth Jepson, and Larry Doi, for the elective: ‘Developing and evaluating complex interventions to improve health’.
T: 0131 6 511590