Dr Jane Hartley

Dr Jane Hartley is a Research Fellow and the Lead for Adolescence and Young Adulthood.
Jane is qualitative researcher interested in the relationship between socio-economic inequalities, stress and teenage health. She is also a qualified yoga teacher, and interested in public health promotion that equips both teenagers and those who look after teenagers with healthy relaxation options that will help to reduce stress, improve their relationships with others and their well being in general.

Jane is working on two projects:

For further information, please contact:  jane.hartley@ed.ac.uk
Before joining SCPHRP, Jane was a Senior/Research Fellow in the Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit at the University of St Andrews. She holds a PhD in Medical Sociology (University of Glasgow), a Masters by Research in Social Anthropology (University of Edinburgh), and a first class honours degree in Social Anthropology and Art History (University of St Andrews).